Argentinian Judge, 97, Refuses to Resign Despite Reports of Failing Health

A 97-year-old Argentinian judge has vowed to defend his place on the supreme court despite a barrage of government questions about his physical and mental fitness for high office.Due to his age and infirmity, Carlos Fayt makes 82-year-old US judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg look like a spring chicken, but he is on the frontline of a political battle ahead of October’s presidential election.
President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who is not eligible to stand again, is eager to shake up the supreme court before leaving office. Having fought several bruising legal battles, the president has labelled pro-opposition judges a “judicial party”. The judge’s condition is now the subject of a national debate. Television channels have shown him needing the help to two aides to get out of his car and then leaning on a stick.