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Spain: Vapers protest against campaign equating e-cigarettes with tobacco

1 16.09.2019 Инфо

W/S Protesters vaping and chanting, Madrid
M/S Protesters chanting in Spanish "Vaping is no tobacco!"
M/S Protester's T-shirt with text in Spanish: "#Vaping is not smoking"
M/S Protesters chanting in Spanish "Before informing, you have to find out!"
M/S Protesters chanting in Spanish "Yes to vaping, no to tobacco!"
M/S Protesters vaping and chanting in Spanish "Healthcare, tell the truth"
M/S Protesters chanting in Spanish "Don't play with our health!"
W/S Protesters outside Healthcare ministry
W/S Protesters chanting "Healthcare, tell the truth"
W/S Exterior of Healthcare ministry
MS Protesters making noise while holding banner reading in Spanish: "Vaping saves lives"
Protesters gathered outside Spain's Health Ministry in Madrid on Monday to voice their disagreement with the government's latest anti-tobacco campaign.
Demonstrators say medical officials are misleading society by equating electronic cigarettes with tobacco. Some protesters were seen vaping and chanting slogans like "Vaping saves lives" and "Healthcare, tell the truth".
The government of Pedro Sanchez launched the new campaign two weeks ago recommending people to quit smoking and vaping which, it says, are 'the main preventable public health problem in developed countries.'