Actor's Remedy for Gun Violence is Guns?

Hadiya Pendleton was shot and killed in Chicago more than two years ago. June 2 would have been her 18th birthday.
Last Tuesday, people all over the country honored Hadiya -- and the more than 30,000 Americans killed with guns every year -- by #WearingOrange as part of the first annual National Gun Violence Awareness Day. This is an issue on which people of good faith can and do disagree. But the gun lobby's "guns everywhere" argument -- one that actor Vince Vaughn seems to subscribe to in his new British GQ interview -- isn't the answer.
When the National Rifle Association pushes for arming teachers, or forcing schools and colleges to allow guns in their buildings and on their campuses, you have to ask whose interests they really have in mind -- and what problem they think they're solving.
We know that college campuses, historically, are incredibly safe places, with homicide rates far below the national average. Administrators and campus police know how to keep schools safe better than NRA headquarters does, and polling reveals campus communities agree. In fact, more than 90% of college presidents and faculty oppose guns on campus, and nearly 90% of police chiefs and about 80% of students don't want guns on campus, either.
State lawmakers across the country are rejecting the "guns everywhere" argument as well.