Australia: Meet the first man to order new Tesla 3 electric car – without even SEEING it

Australian resident Andreas Stephens was the first man to order the yet-to-be-unveiled Tesla 3 electric car in Sydney, Thursday, after waiting 48 hours at the dealership as the new model goes on show today.
Stephens waited two full days and was first in the queue of 200 people who deposited AU $1500 (€1,014) in order to register for the purchase of the reported revolutionary electric vehicle. Stephens stated that he expects it to reach the price tag of AU $60,000 to $70,000 (€40,565 / €47,326).
"One of my key attraction to the car is that one day it might be fully automated because for my parents it would be wonderful if they had a car that can drive them without them having to renew their driving license every year once they're 80" concluded Stephens.
Tesla Model 3 specifications are yet to be announced with speculations running high. Online community rumours suggest that the Tesla Model 3 will be a four-door sedan with 480km driving range and a 0-100km/h in less than four seconds.
Australia is the first country where car enthusiasts can order the Model 3 in anticipation of its official general market release expected in late 2017.