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Обучение на панамски войници за борба с наркокартелите

43 03.06.2015 Инфо

Panamanian Border Police and the Colombian Army took part in training exercises, designed to combat Narco-gangs operating on the Panama-Colombian border, in the Soberania National Park, Tuesday. Colombian Army Major, Jason Leonardo Gomez Perez declared that ‘the issue of drugs has spread from country to country’, making bilateral military drills essential to tackling the ‘the trafficking of narcotics.’ The two forces conducted simulated battles, throwing smoke bombs and firing blanks from modified M16 assault rifles. Despite much of the South America’s cocaine trade being controlled and distributed by Mexican cartels, Colombia and to a lesser extent Panama remain deeply affected by the exporting of cocaine. Currently much of Colombia’s drug trade is controlled by para-military groups who refused to disband after requests from former Colombian President, Alvaro Uribe.