Aftertaste - Grow Up

Aftertaste - Grow Up [Official Music Video]

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Продуцент: Aftertaste
Музика: Aftertaste
Текст: Aftertaste
Аранжимент: Aftertaste
Mix & Mastering: Loud-Fi Studio
Режисьор: Aftertaste
Оператор: Моника Згурова
Монтаж & Постпродукция: Меги Желязкова

I've waited for too long
For you to see the truth
You said you want it all
But you gave me nothing good
And I've waited, still waiting
For you to come home
But you're fading, we're aging
And now it's all gone

This was a mistake
and now it's just too late

Oh no, just let it go
We all need to carry on
I've been here times before
and I'm hating this, I hate this
Oh no, just sing along
It's all a part of growing up
I can't believe I'm saying this
But I hate you, I hate you

It's such a shame that you don't know
What you're longing for
Leaving town won't help you now
Denial never spoke so loud

My time's wasted, when you're wasted
I don't feel like hanging around
Just face it, you guessed it
You're the who backed out

This was your mistake
and now you'll have to live with it

And days go by
And it's hard to unwind
After playing by your rules
As we say goodbye,
I hope that life treats you kind
And I, I'll be fine

And days go by
(This circle never ends)
And days go by
(This circle never ends)