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Lithuania: US tanks arrive in Padrabe for 6-month deployment

4 21.10.2019 Инфо

W/S US heavy military equipment arriving in Parabe by railroad
W/S Bradley armoured fighting vehicle
W/S Troops and military equipment
W/S Bradley armoured fighting vehicle
M/S Troops preparing Bradley armoured fighting vehicle for unloading
W/S Troops preparing equipment for unloading
W/S Troops and Bradley armoured fighting vehicles
M/S Troops inspecting vehicle
W/S Bradley armoured fighting vehicle
M/S Bradley tank tread
W/S Equipment being unloaded
W/S Vehicles
W/S Vehicles
Eight Abrams tanks and 21 Bradley armoured fighting vehicles from the US Army arrived in Padrabe on Monday as part of NATO's Operation Atlantic Resolve for a sixth-month deployment in Lithuania.
Another several dozen tanks are expected to arrive over the upcoming weeks.
About 500 US troops will train in Lithuania through the winter in preparation for the massive divisional exercise Defender 2020 that will see 20,000 American troops in Europe.
The United States and other NATO countries have deployed thousands of soldiers and heavy artillery to the Baltic States, Poland and south-eastern Europe, a move which has been condemned by Russia as a hostile approach on its borders.