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Germany: Crowds of environmentalists join climate strike in Berlin

3 20.09.2019 Инфо

M/S Climate change activists strike in Berlin
C/U "Free the air" balloon
M/S Climate activists with signs
M/S Extinction rebellion activists at climate change strike
M/S People on stage
M/S Climate activists with signs
M/S People on stage
M/S Climate activists with signs
M/S Activists cheering
M/S Sign language interpreter
M/S Singer performing song demanding climate action
M/S Climate activists
C/U Sign "There is no planet B"
M/S Climate activists with signs
C/U Performer on stage at strike
C/U Sign "Save the planet"
M/S Person taking pictures of strike
W/S Speakers on stage
M/S Climate activists with signs
W/S Climate strike at Brandenburg Gate *NO SOUND AT SOURCE*
Crowds of climate activists hit Berlin streets on Friday, as part of a global climate strike, demanding action to halt the environmental crisis.
Footage shows people marching through the German capital's streets with signs in a bid to raise awareness of the climate change. The crowds then gathered in front of Brandenburg Gate with people seen addressing activists from a stage.
The march is one of many taking place across the globe with organisers estimating millions of people to turn out in over 150 countries including Germany, the UK, France, the US and Australia.
The global movement is partially inspired by youth climate activist Greta Thunberg who began her weekly school strike for climate last year on 20 September 2018 outside the Swedish parliament and has become a global figure inspiring climate activism. The teenage activist is currently in the US to attend the United Nations Climate Change summit.