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Сблъсъци между мигранти и полицаи в Идомени

43 904 29.03.2016 Инфо

Scuffles erupted between the police and refugees at the Idomeni refugee camp on Tuesday with a group of refugees continuing to block train tracks near the camp calling for open borders.
Police used batons against refugees who responded by throwing missiles towards the police line. A large number of police officers have been deployed at the camp in a bid to keep order.
Earlier on Tuesday, scuffles broke out between groups of refugees as several men attempted to remove protest banners and posters from tents.
On Monday, Macedonian police demanded that Greek police remove the tents blocking the railway tracks so trains could start running again. Since then, some refugees are trying to convince the protesters to move from the tracks.
Around 14,000 refugees remain stranded in Idomeni, with Doctors Without Borders having warned that the health of the refugees has worsened since Macedonian authorities closed the country's borders with Greece.