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Hamstring Nerve Pain, Statins And Neuropathy, Sensory Peripheral Neuropathy, Nerve Pain Big Toe


Toxic And Drug Causes

A table of causes of peripheral nervous system disorders, including chemical and drug causes, is given in the Merck Manual,7 a reference text commonly used by doctors.

The list of drugs known to produce neuropathy side effects includes:7

Medical pills and capsules

Nearly 40 drugs are known to cause neuropathy. Always consult a pharmacist or doctor if you suspect medication side-effects.

Some cardiac drugs for use against arrhythmias

Some cancer drugs

Some antibiotics and antivirals, including against HIV

An alcoholism treatment

An antihypertensive drug to lower blood pressure

A psychiatric drug for bipolar disorder

An anti-seizure drug for epilepsy and other uses

An antirejection drug for transplants

And a dermatitis treatment.

Other drugs also cause neuropathy

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Hamstring Nerve Pain, Statins And Neuropathy, Sensory Peripheral Neuropathy, Nerve Pain Big Toe
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