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UK: Didcot Power Station reduced to dust in dramatic demolition

5 18.08.2019 Инфо

W/S Didcot Power Station, Oxfordshire
W/S People in field
W/S Power station demolition
W/S Aftermath
W/S People in field
W/S Aftermath
W/S Aftermath
C/U Sign reading: "Earth Trust Centre"
Didcot Power Station's iconic cooling towers were demolished in spectacular fashion early on Sunday morning, bring to an end their domination of the Oxfordshire skyline, as shown in footage filmed from Little Wittenham some five miles (eight kilometres) away.
The towers came tumbling down in-sync after controlled explosions at their base.
Clouds of dust rose from the rubble, in contrast to the steam they produced from 1970 until 2013.
Three cooling stations were demolished in 2014 but before the rest of the job could be completed after a 10-storey boiler house collapsed, killing four men.
It took over six months before their bodies were recovered and the on-going investigation is looking at manslaughter charges.
The 200m (655ft) chimney, one of Britain's tallest structures, will remain at the site until autumn when it will also be demolished.