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Greece: Aerial footage shows riot police evacuating Idomeni refugee camp

25 24.05.2016 Инфо

Ariel footage released by Greek authorities shows hundreds of refugees piling onto buses and evacuating Idomeni refugee camp, Tuesday morning. Greek riot police are clearing the camp, which is the country's largest, in an operation which is expected to last up to ten days.
Despite over 400 riot police entering the camp, there have not been any reports of violence, however journalists and activists have been banned from entering the site. In the meantime, a makeshift camp has since been set up outside a local petrol station.
Prior to the operation up to ten police squads arrived in the Europe’s largest informal refugee camp, setting up two checkpoints: one 20 kilometres (12 miles) from the camp, with a second installed just 2 kilometres (1,2 miles) from Idomeni. Only registered members of NGOs or journalists are being allowed to pass the checkpoints.
The refugees will be transferred from Idomeni to another camp close to Thessaloniki, a facility that can allegedly host 6,000 people.
Video courtesy of Hellenic police