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Spain: Pro-independence activists protest PM Sanchez's visit after weekend of clashes

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W/S Pro-independence activists rally to oppose visit of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to Barcelona
M/S Woman behind window
C/U Protester holds sign demanding dialogue
SOT, Berta, Barcelona resident (Spanish): "The president of the Generalitat has repeatedly asked him to meet him (Pedro Sanchez) but Mr. Sanchez has refused and today he has come to take the picture with the injured police, but he has refused to receive our president of the Generalitat (Quim Torra) who is the one who represents the citizens of Catalonia. "
W/S Protesters rallying *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Berta, Barcelona resident (Spanish): "She has systematically refused to meet an unprecedented political crisis and refuses to use the dialogue and only uses repression against our politicians and civil representatives. And police and judicial repression."
C/U Signs demanding dialogue
M/S Police overseeing rally
SOT, Rosa, Barcelona resident (Spanish): "To defend the rights of the Catalans and the Spaniards because what they are doing to us will also be done to them. And it is starting to be demonstrated in demonstrations in Madrid, Valencia and other places in Spain. We fight for our rights and freedoms. We will fight today and always at the expense of anything. "
W/S Police overseeing protesters
W/S Protesters rallying
M/S Woman shows sign reading (Catalan): "Freedom for political prisoners"
M/S Police overseeing protesters, Catalan flag
M/S Man holds sign demanding for dialogue
W/S Police helicopter hovering over city
M/S Man holds sign demanding for dialogue
W/S Protesters clapping
WS Protesters rallying to oppose Sanchez visit
Thousands of people took to the streets of Barcelona on Monday, to show their discontent about the planned visit of Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to the city, after a tense weekend of protests.
Footage shows a heavy police presence as protesters rallied to demand freedom for jailed pro-independence activists.
Activists blamed Sanchez for reportedly refusing to meet Catalan independence leader Quim Torra, who requested a meeting with the Prime Minister to initiate a dialogue on the independence movement.
During Monday's visit, Sanchez was due to meet the police officers who were injured during the last five consecutive evenings of rioting. According to the authorities, 288 police officers were injured and 194 people were arrested over the past weekend.