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Greece: Greek Imam holds Friday prayers for refugees at Idomeni camp

4 08.04.2016 Инфо

Imam Jihad Demirli, an Imam in the Greek town of Komotini, visited the Idomeni refugee camp on Friday to lead Friday prayers. The prayers were conducted in a makeshift mosque constructed next to railway tracks in the middle of the camp, with dozens of men attending the service.
The Imam later walked through the camp and talked to the refugees.
This is the first time Friday prayers have been held with the official presence of the Imam at Idomeni. Every Friday, Imam Demirli visits different refugee camps around Greece and leads them in prayer. Imam Demirli has said the initiative is coordinated as part of a joint action of the Mufti of Komotini, the Greek Ministry of Education and the Greek Ministry of Religious Affairs.
Just over 11,000 refugees currently reside in Idomeni camp on the Greek-Macedonian border.