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Italy: Lega Nord stands with Le Pen in fighting 'new dictatorship' – Salvini

0 25.04.2017 Инфо

Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini said that Italy has to be freed from the “dictatorship” of the European Union, as more than 5,000 supporters of the party gathered in Verona, Tuesday, to celebrate Italy’s Liberation Day.
"The European Union is the dictatorship from which we have to free Italy and the Italian people, [and we need to do it operating] from the North till the South," stated Salvini.
During the event, which was entitled “defence is always legitimate," the crowd came together in a local sports hall and listened to the various talks that took place.
While addressing the cheering supporters, Salvini said that he wanted people to know “that Islamic terrorism is the Nazism of the year 2000s, and needs to be forcefully fought."
The politician also spoke about the ongoing French elections, praising National Front presidential candidate Marine Le Pen for giving “a voice to the people who had no voice until last week," and for "fighting to dismantle and demolish this new dictatorship that uses money instead of tanks, and banks instead of cannons, but [causes] the same number of deaths."