Despite Jabs At His Age Jeb Bush Is Not Old Political News

During an interview Monday with Megyn Kelly of Fox News, former Florida governor Jeb Bush offered up what he thinks will be a winning formula for a likely presidential bid.
The youngest of the politically minded Bush brothers, Jeb has weathered a wealth of negativity lingering from the presidential legacies of his older brother George, and their father.
But none as ridiculous as Marco Rubio's, "yesterday's over," implying the 62-year-old is yesterday's news in Washington.
Bush doesn't believe in Rubio's opinion regarding his age and competence leading the nation.
Should he elect to join the Republican ticket, Bush will be a forerunner in regards to executive experience; having served as Florida's governor for eight years while also serving as the state's secretary of commerce in the late 80s.
Rubio and Rand Paul, the marquee candidates for the Republican party presently, have no executive experience in governance having only served in the Congress.