Reddit's Wild West Days of Harassment Are Officially Over

Reddit just sent a clear message to its sprawling community: the Wild West days are over. It's time for some class and civility.
The top execs at Reddit informed users on Wednesday that five subreddits, Reddit clique-communities, have been removed from the social news site for breaking the company's recently updated rules cracking down on harassment.
The names of the banned subreddits had offensive names or abusive purposes.
With this move, Reddit now walks a fine line.
For much of its nearly decade-long history, Reddit leaned far to the side of unrestricted speech.
Predictably, that didn't always lead to some negative social outcomes; such as the hacked nude celebrity photos fiasco from last September.
Alexis Ohanian, the Reddit cofounder who returned to the startup full-time as part of an executive shuffle, and Ellen Pao, the interim CEO have been driving forces in this latest development for the site.