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Freedom of speech and equal access to knowledge around the world are what people in Britain want from a Magna Carta for the digital age.
Monday marks 800 years since the signing of the Magna Carta, and because the landmark coincided with the 25th anniversary of the world wide web, the British Library asked people to vote on 500 clauses submitted by 3,000 young people to create a new Magna Carta, or great charter, for the digital age. project manager Sarah Shaw said in a statement, “The project was conceived to encourage young people to think about issues of privacy, access and freedom raised by Magna Carta in the digital age, These ‘Top 10’ clauses we have revealed today show a snapshot of how the public feel at this 800th anniversary moment about our rights and responsibilities on the web."
Sir Tim Berners-Lee is among the high-profile figures who has given his support for the project, saying its important for people to think about the future now.
The original Magna Carta was signed between King John of England and his subjects on June 15, 1215, establishing that no monarch was above the law.


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