Ashley Wagner Believes US Womens Figure Skating is Back

This year's U.S. women's figure skating team is incredibly talented.
Why, then, is it audacious to believe the American women will medal at this week's World Championships? The US team hasn't ranked for a medal since 2006--the longest amount of time where they haven't been at the top.
So, in the lead up to this year's World Figure Skating Championships in Shanghai, top US woman's skater Ashley Wagner did interview with Rolling Stone she said "We're bringing out the big guns, and I think we're definitely a team that could claim a medal."
Could this be the end of the American drought? Sure. Wagner, after all, has had a strong season, reclaiming the U.S. title last year that bumped her into fourth place and has worked her way up to Gold at the 2014 national champion and figure skating's grand liaison to Taylor Swift, is nothing short of brilliant at her best.
So watch out Ruskies--'cause Wagner is coming for ya!