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Mayweathers Baby Mama Files Suit Seeking 20 Million in Damages

7 05.05.2015 Инфо

Floyd Mayweather could lose tens of millions of dollars from his big payday if his baby mama gets her way.
She's just filed a lawsuit claiming he ruined her with lies to save face.
Josie Harris, who's had three kids with Floyd, claims he lied during his interview with Katie Couric just 2 weeks before the big fight.
The lie stems from the comments he made regarding the 2010 domestic violence incident.
Mayweather states he restrained Harris due to a drug-fueled rage.
Point of fact, Mayweather was convicted of domestic violence and spent two months in jail.
Harris says she is now labeled a drug addict thanks to Mayweather's lies -- and was embarrassed and humiliated on a global scale.
Harris wants damages in excess of $20 million.