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Second Entourage Trailer Features 17 Celebrity Cameos, Including Jessica Alba, Tom Brady and More!

28 25.03.2015 Инфо

Entourage debuted another trailer for its first feature-length film, and it has all of the Hollywood glitz, glamour and partying the hit HBO show once provided viewers. Although Piven's "next level" could be referring to his new position as studio head, it could also very well be referring to the insane number of celebrity cameos the trailer manages to squeeze into the extended look. The series also had its fair share of cameos, but this movie definitely looks to be trying to break a record! Entourage takes place right where the 2011 series left off, but now Vincent Chase not only wants to star in a new movie but also direct it, much to Ari Gold's (Piven's) chagrin.