Jaime King Sounds Off on Hart of Dixie's Fate—Is It Coming Back for Another Season?

Hart of Dixie fans were more than satisfied with the emotional and optimistic season four finale that aired last month. While the hour did tie up every loose end when it came to all the show's central relationships, the fact that the CW still has yet to make an official ruling on the show's future has some fans hopeful that maybe, just maybe, there might be a season five down the line.
One of the stars of the show, Jaime King Said,
"It's a tricky situation because it really isn't about ratings for us, It's not like a ratings issue it was more of a timing issue. Rachel Bilson got pregnant and wanted to take a maternity leave. Every woman has a right to do that. I think that everything has an impact on the ways things are decided upon. It's very interesting because our fans are so devoted." And whether Hart of Dixie gets another season or not, King will always treasure the fact they got a season four.