Serbia: Austrian FPO presidential candidate Hofer meets with Pres. Nikolic

The right-wing Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) presidential candidate Norbert Hofer met with Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic in Belgrade, Wednesday. Nikolic and Hofer spoke about Austrian-Serbian relations and discussed the Serbian diaspora living in Austria.
Hoffer stated, "for a long time now the party I belong to, the Freedom Party of Austria, have had good contacts with President Nikolic. We have a very close relationship with the Serbs who live in Austria. These many years of contact have brought about this meeting today."
Speaking about Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential election, Hofer said the result should teach European politicians the lesson "that they shouldn't distance themselves from the people, that they need to know the worries and the wishes of the people and must set the correct measures."
The second round of Austrian presidential elections is due to take place on December 4.