Ukraine: Investigators arrive at scene of 'Phantom Brigade' commander's killing *GRAPHIC*

Investigators began to examine the site where commander of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR/LNR) 'Phantom Brigade,' Alexei Mozgovoy, was killed, Sunday morning. Leonid Tkachenko, who is leading the investigation for the LPR’s Prosecutor General, stated that Mozgovoy “died on-site from gunshot wounds.” Mozgovoy was killed after his car was attacked by unknown gunmen on the way from Lugansk to Alchevsk, near Mihaylovka village. The killing was purportedly carried out in the same place where an assassination attempt was made on Mozgovoy on March 7. According to reports, a mine exploded under the vehicle in which Mozgovoy was travelling before an unidentified armed unit fired upon the car. The assailants used machine guns, purportedly from four different firing points. Mozgovoy, along with five other persons in the vehicle, was killed in the attack. Another vehicle was also fired upon, resulting in at least one other death, though Tkachenko said he was unsure whether the vehicle was connected to Mozgovoy or not. The search for those responsible is ongoing. Alexei Mozgovoy created and led the 'Phantom' Brigade from August 2014. It was one of the first armed units of the LPR. Since then, his unit has taken an active part in the east Ukrainian conflict.