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Spain: Spanish FM says Gibraltar must decide on status after Brexit

19 366 19.10.2016 Инфо

Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo took the opportunity to call for joint sovereignty of Gibraltar following Britain's referendum to exit the EU at a meeting in Campo de Gibraltar, on Tuesday.
The foreign minister proposed joint sovereignty for Gibraltar between the UK and Spain, which stipulates that the current British Overseas Territory will be governed jointly with citizens receiving joint nationality.
Garcia-Margallo stated, "This is one of those turns that produce changes in time, and starting from now nothing is going to be the same, the colony of Gibraltar with the United Kingdom inside the EU is not the same of the colony of Gibraltar with United Kingdom outside of the European Union."
He explained that joint nationality "offers harmony to the two sides in a moment when history is changing. It harmonises the conservation of Gibraltar's idiosyncrasy, its nationality, its government, but belongs to the European Union and Spain."
A proposal for joint sovereignty was previously put forward in 2002, but was rejected by citizens.