Brazil: Protesters rally against fare hike in Rio de Janeiro

Demonstrators took to the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Tuesday, to protest against the Brazilian government's decision to increase public transport fares.
Protesters gathered in front of Candelaria Church in the city centre, holding flags, placards and banners condemning the government and the fare increase. At one point, protesters set a turnpike on fire.
Discussing the demonstration, one protester said: "This fight against the raise of the public transportation fares is fundamentally for the people's right of moving around the city, against the companies that monopolise the transportation system and the government that allows these abusive fare rises."
Protests have gripped Brazil following the government's decision to hike bus, subway and train fares to 3.80 reals (€0.84 / $0.91) per trip, an increase of 8.57 percent.