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Gibraltar: US in 11th hour bid to seize Iran tanker despite release order

6 17.08.2019 Инфо

W/S Iranian tanker, Gibraltar
W/S Strait of Gibraltar
W/S Iranian tanker
W/S Sailing boat
W/S Iranian tanker
W/S Boats
W/S Iranian tanker
W/S Rock formation
W/S Rock formation at the Strait of Gibraltar
W/S Rock formation at the Strait of Gibraltar
W/S Tower at the Strait of Gibraltar
The US launched a fresh appeal in a bid to seize Iranian supertanker the Grace I after a local judge ordered its release just two days ago, with the ship itself remaining anchored in the Strait of Gibraltar on Saturday morning.
The oil tanker, which had been seized by UK marines on July 4, was granted permission to leave on August 15 after the detention order was lifted.
However, the United States launched legal action over alleged violations of its sanctions, saying the tanker was bound to deliver an illicit shipment of oil to Syria.
The tanker will remain anchored until at least Monday after its captain asked to be replaced, a Gibraltarian official is reported to have said.