Spain: Ska-punk group Banda Bassotti rock out for Donbass

Italian ska-punk band Banda Bassotti played a charity gig in support of the people of Donbass in Madrid, Friday. They collected money and it will be spent on humanitarian goods for Donbass, where the anti-fascist band is planning to travel next month for a tour through eastern Ukraine and Russia. The event was organised by the Spanish anti-fascist group 'Ruben Ruiz Ibarruri Brigade'. Prior to the concert, a demonstration was held to raise awareness against increasing political censorship. The activists were waving flags of the Soviet Union and accused one of the two major parties in Spain, the People's Party, of political pressure against anti-fascist and other social movements. Banda Bassotti was formed in 1987 in Rome. Their songs have been political from the very beginning with the band attending and sympathising with numerous anti-fascist movements inside and outside of Italy.