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Russia: Rare twin jaguar kittens make debut at Nizhniy Novgorod zoo

307 19.10.2016 Инфо

The zoo of Nizhniy Novgorod unveiled two new-born rare black jaguars for the first time, on Tuesday.
The Head of the Limpopo Zoo Vladimir Gerasichkin described the newborn kittens, "They were born with black tails, rare mutations but they are good kittens. In a month they have gained a good amount of weight, the female shows aggression, protects her herself, protects her little brother who has a calm and balanced character."
Although the kittens were born only a month ago, their father already left their mother, Naomi, to fend for herself with the two little kittens. Jaguars are solitary animals, the males only have contact with females during mating season. Nevertheless Naomi has taken to motherhood well and is performing her parenting tasks successfully, including feeding the kittens and taking them for walks.
Black jaguars, also known as melanistic jaguars, are rarely found in the wild as their colour is a result of a genetic mutation. This makes their birth even more of a significant event for the zoo.