See How Beautiful The Bacteria On a Child's Dirty Hand Can Be

Children excel at collecting anything, especially bacteria on their hands after they've been playing outside.
Take for example the son of Tasha Sturm, a microbiology lab technician at Cabrillo College.
Strum shared an image of her 8-year-old's hand-print on a petri plate filled with Tryptic Soy Agar, which helped the bacteria grow.
Sturm shared the photo on Microbe World, writing in the comments that she'd taken the handprint just after her son returned from playing outdoors.
Several days and multiple rounds of incubation later, her son's hand-print had flowered into large and strangely beautiful design.
Despite the fact that these colonies of staph, micrococcus, yeast, and fungi are bacterial growth; an artistic aesthetic is present.