Prince George is Smarter Than Your Toddler

Royal blood lines don't always imply genius, but it may turn out that the UK'sPrince George is proving to be one smart cookie!
While he may not even be two years old, Kate Middleton's little one demonstrated his clever thinking skills during a recent mother-son lunch.
During a meeting with the owner of Naples Luxury Travel Advisors Claudia Gordon, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed Prince William was out of the country on business. What came next was pure brilliance from Prince George.
Gordon told Florida's News-Press that after hearing Prince William was visiting China, Kate told her that the self-taught toddler--quote--"went to the china cabinet, opened it and proclaimed ‘daddy is not there.' She said they would work on his geography."
But awwww! Look at him, he even looks like he's got a little Churchill in him with that grin of his!