Eleanor & Hillary: How the Clinton Campaign Can Win in 2016

Hillary Clinton hhas a strong connection with Eleanor Roosevelt, the longest-serving first lady in US history who stepped out of the her husband’s looming shadow to secure achievements in education, helping women and the poor. Just as both their husbands were serving as Presidents of their time.
But there are other examples. Such as when In 1993, Bill Clinton had just suffered its first major legislative defeat in an attempt to create a national healthcare system - a major blow to Hillary Clinton, whose leading role in the project was unprecedented for a presidential spouse.
Confused and uncertain of her role, some of Hillary's advisers suggested trying to imagine mock conversations with Mrs Roosevelt, her political heroine, who died in 1962.
Clinton wrote about these motivational chats with Roosevelt in her nationally syndicated column, Talking It Over. In it She said the two would discuss the role of women in politics, and how to define herself as first lady in the face of criticism.
As Eleanor was a visionary in her time and a fierce advocate for women, youth, the working class and the disenfranchised, was one way Clinton can make the case that she is the “champion of everyday Americans. Where currently Hillary Clinton has been cast a rather divisive figure in politics, channeling Eleanor Roosevelt may in fact be her means of shaking off that stigma which could cost her the 2016 election.