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Angelo - It`s A Good Day [Official Audio HD, 2018]

103 20.11.2018 Инфо

Music & Arangiment: Lunaman Luna
Lyrics: Lunaman Luna
Mix & Mastering: Lunaman Luna

Social Media: Angelo

Social Media: Lunaman Luna

Social Media: B71 Production Studio


Today, I started with a smile on my face.
Nothing can change this feeling I have, and its you!
Yea you!
And can you change the way that I've been thinking...
The way that you love is my right
And I don't wanna spend my time alone.
I don't wanna spend my time alone.

It's a good day!
It's such a good day!

Girl I know...
That we may be so wrong for each other...
I don't want another.

Don't wanna spoil it, 'cos it's a good day girl.
So let's make it the best day of our life.

I don't wanna spend... my time... alone.
I don't wanna spend... my life... alone.

It's a good day -//-
before us...
It's a good day -//-

Is it the way that you're special
Or is it the way life in normal cuz,
I never felt this feeling before...

It's a good day -//-

It's a good day!
It's a good day!
for us...

Such a good day!