Will Spotify Reveal Plans to Fend Off Google and Apple?

Spotify, which has tripled its losses in two years, has one mission now: to show it hasn't blown its lead.
The good news is that Spotify has 15 million paying customers, making it the biggest subscription music service in the world. Its brand is synonymous with the modern music world. It generates valuable data about its listeners that can be used to identify the next big artists.
Now, the bad news.
Despite its market-leading position, the company is in a tough spot. It isn't making a profit. It's getting attacked by artists like Taylor Swift and Jay Z. And soon, it will be competing with companies like Google and Apple in what is becoming a very competitive and crowded market.
So what does Spotify have to do from here to succeed? Be different.
Spotify didn't have to do much to differentiate itself when it was competing with other upstarts like Deezer and Rhapsody. Now, it faces growing competition from major companies that will be able to use their size as a major advantage.
Spotify has a nice head start that should remain a good foothold, but to compete with offerings like Google's YouTube service and Apple's Beats, it will need to have content that differentiates itself from the others. It's competition with those companies will only increase if/when it introduces streaming video.