Germany: Five injured in irritant gas attack on refugee school in Hamburg

SOT, Journalist (German): "What have you done then?"
SOT, Kai Hitzod, emergency officer (German): "First of all, of course, we took care of the injured and then we tried to determine what type of irritant gas was used, where its source was, its volume, and if there are any other injured persons who are still inside the building on the upper floors. We ventilated the building, the irritant gas is gone. We could not determine what particular type of gas it was. Those were essentially the measures we took."
Five people were injured after an irritant gas was used in an attack on a language school for refugees in Hamburg, Wednesday evening.
Emergency services were called at 17:35 local time (15:35 GMT) after numerous people started to suffer from eye and respiratory irritation. When arriving at the site the officers could still smell the gas and could only enter the school wearing protective masks. Five people received medical treatment after the gas spread over two floors in the language school.
According to Officer Kai Hitzod, the emergency services on site were not able to determine which type of gas had been used. At the time of writing it is still unclear who is responsible for the attack, but police are investigating.