Мигранти заживяха пред дома на Джордж Клуни

A makeshift migrant camp, which is now home to hundreds of displaced people, has sprung up around the corner from George Clooney’s hideaway in Lake Como, Italy. It is a popular celebrity getaway, with Richard Branson and Madonna also owning houses in the region.
The spot has become an impromptu home for migrants who are trying to make their way to Germany via Switzerland, arriving at Como train station en route.
Most migrants in the camp come from North and Central Africa. One 16 year old Ethiopian boy described his journey, "I come from Ethiopia, Ethiopian [people] are good but the Ethiopian government for people is very hard. So I came from Sudan, then Egypt, then I came to Italy, Catania. From Catania to Rome, Milan and then I came to Como. Now I'm going to another country, Germany or France. Police is very hard at train station so I'm sitting in this area."