Jews behind Americas opioid epidemic - By Renegade Films

America's Manufactured Opioid Crisis - The Hidden History of The Heroin Pushers (2018)

All fake jews are Communists and Parasites. They created Marxism / Communism because it's perfectly compatible with their psychopathic character and natural aversion for manual labor.

Communism is the essence of Parasitism.

These so called Jews have a ruling Kingpin family named : " ROTHSCHILD LUCIFERIAN BANKING CARTEL " That has hijacked and Mutinized every European Government on Earth , to Advance their : "" NEW WORLD ORDER ""

They are the ones who railroaded the 16th Amendment :[ Federal Reserve Act ]: thru congress , over the X- MAS holiday's , back in : "1913 - 1914" This is when they established and built their 12 Federal Reserve Banks in the U.S. This very same year , is when they created their I.R.S. aka : CRIMINAL SHAKEDOWN SYNDICATE. Right after this , they created the F.B.I. An agency that has no reference whatsoever with the National Security of this Nation. The F.B.I. was created exclusively for the : Rothschild Luciferian Banking Cartel , to be a Personal security and protection agency / guard , for these Khazarian Mafia and all their malevolent criminal activities ; including the Sex Trafficking of 2-4 year old European girls and adult European women - Drug - weapons - organ trafficking - gambling - international blackmail - sedition - treason - forced multiculturalism - forced diversity - forced integration of our schools and neighborhoods - forced miscegenation and the forced redistribution of European wealth and resources.

This is only a drop in the bucket , regarding all the evil these inhuman pigs are responsible for. Wake the hell up ""WHITEY"" These Synagogue of Satan are hell bent on culling every last breathing White European on earth !!!!