Italy: Laundry argument spirals into murderous rampage, 4 dead

A quarrel over laundry triggered a 48-year-old male nurse to go on a shooting rampage in Naples, Friday, killing four people, including his own wife, and inuring six others. Giulio Murolo, a nurse at Cardarelli Hospital, killed his wife with a hunting rifle after an argument about hanging up laundry spiraled out of control. Murolo then went on to murder his brother and sister in law at an apartment in the Secondigliano suburb of Naples. The gunman then began firing from his apartment balcony, shooting at four police officers, one of whom died, while landing another in intensive care. A neighbour of Murolo, and a 60 year-old florist, who was driving by on his scooter, were also injured in the attack. Murolo eventually put down his rifle and turned himself in after a 40 minute phone conversation with a police officer who convinced him surrender.