USA: 'I'm not going to sugar-coat it, it's really hard,' Clinton tells NYC fans (HD)

“We won the popular vote” defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton said, as she addressed her supporters at New Yorker Hotel in New York on Wednesday, having lost the presidential race to now US President-elect Donald Trump.
Trump beat Clinton in a surprise landslide victory, garnering 278 of the Electoral College votes, while the Democratic candidate received 218. Thanking her team Clinton insisted she was “so proud of this campaign”, adding that “a lot of people” shared its views and goals. She acknowledged it was “really hard” to lose, but reminded her supporters that now is the time to “be focused on what each of us in our own ways can do to really keep standing up for those values.”
After her speech Clinton spoke to her supporters, shook their hands and posed for pictures. Her husband and former President Bill Clinton, as well as US actress Marcia Cross, were also present at the gathering.