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The Sea-Watch organisation brought an original refugee boat to Berlin, Tuesday, in an initiative to inform people of the work the organisation does in the Mediterranean. Around 121 people were crammed on board the boat, among them a few German politicians, journalists and three refugees, who had crossed the Mediterranean themselves. Everyone put life vests on while captian Ingo Werth, a member of Sea-Watch explained how the refugees have to sit on the boat, saying "these boats are loaded in the following way: 45 sit on the outer pipes, down on the floor of the boat the children, women and the rest of the men sit. Those sitting on the floor of the boat sit in a mixture of sea water, fuel, urine, feaces and vomit." One of the refugees who took part in the initiative said that it shows solidarity with the refugees, "because it is not easy to be in this boat for 3 days, or 4 days without food and water, without any help." Just three months ago, the Sea-Watch crew had discovered the boat off the Libyan coast, on board were exactly 121 refugees, including a pregnant women and several children. Captain Ingo Werth led the rescue operation.


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