Sandra Bland Was Arrested After Officer Became Annoyed That She Was Smoking

Sandra Bland was ordered out of her car after a police officer became annoyed that she was smoking, according to a spokesman for her family. The 28-year-old’s death in a Texas county jail has sparked national outrage and protests after her family questioned the official account that she hanged herself with a trash bag in her cell. She was found dead three days after her arrest for allegedly assaulting a public servant after a routine traffic stop escalated into a physical encounter. Footage filmed by a bystander shows being pinned to the ground by officers. Jamal Bryant, a pastor, said that dashcam images from a state trooper’s car show the officer becoming agitated as Bland smokes in her car and starts to film the encounter.“He became outraged and unnerved because he’s handling a black woman who is not ignorant, who knows her rights,” he said.