Японски дрон заснема феномена "снежна стена"

Drone footage captured the stunning snow covered Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route in the Murodo Plain, Sunday. The area is believed to receive some of the heaviest snowfall on the planet, estimated to reach around 66 feet (20.1 metres). A huge path is carved through the snow using 30-tonne ploughs, locally coined Kumataro and Kuma-o. This creates two towering walls on both sides of the road, a phenomenon known as the 'Snow Wall' or 'Yukino-Otani.' Located 8,038 feet (2449.9 metres) above sea level, the Murodo Plain contains 1,000 year old virgin trees; valleys emitting volcanic gas; Japan’s only glacier and the Shomyo falls, which stand at a staggering 1,148 feet (349.9 metres).