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Syria: Situation in Kobane is 'very dangerous' - SDF spokesperson after US forces' withdrawal

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SOT, Mustafa Bali, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) spokesperson (Kurdish): "As the SDF, we are an official part of the international coalition against ISIS. We were the first force to fight against ISIS on the ground. Before the SDF started [their military operation], there was no force capable of fighting ISIS, neither in Syria nor in Iraq. The forces of the Syrian and Iraqi regimes were broken by ISIS. The Syrian opposition did not put up a fight against ISIS. Only the YPG and the YPJ, and later the SDF, fought against ISIS. This continues until today. On the basis of our mutual cooperation with the coalition in the war against ISIS and terror, we will continue [our efforts] in every way; until ISIS is truly defeated, and a democratic system is created in its place."
SOT, Mustafa Bali, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) spokesperson (Kurdish): "However, as you have been following, the coalition forces have left the Euphrates region. The Russian forces are there, and the regime forces have spread out on the border. Turkey's daily threats against us continue, particularly against Kobane. The situation in Kobane, we can clearly and publicly say, is very dangerous. Kobane is a symbolic city; the war against ISIS started there, ISIS' defeat started there. Turkey wants to destroy that symbol. At the time ISIS attacked Kobane, Erdogan gave a speech in Gaziantep, where he said that Kobane had fallen, or was about to fall. He saw the defeat of Kobane as a victory for himself. But the people of Kobane were victorious. Now, he is threatening the city daily, so that the people of Kobane can be crushed again, and ISIS can regain strength, and Erdogan can extend his hand over Kobane.
SOT, Mustafa Bali, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) spokesperson (Kurdish): "The coalition and America have promised to protect Rojava, and later they welched on their promise and gave the green light to the Turkish invasion and the occupation of Ras al-Ayn and Tal Abyad. Whatever promise they give, we remember these things, how they gave the same promises about Afrin and about Ras al-Ayn and Tal Abyad, but they didn't follow through on these promises."
The situation in Kobane is "very dangerous," said spokesperson of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Mustafa Bali in Qamishli on Monday, after the US-led coalition forces pulled out from the Kobane region last week.
Bali stressed that "Turkey's daily threats against us continue, particularly against Kobane," adding that the situation in Kobane "is very dangerous."
He went on to say that the US-led coalition forces "have left the Euphrates region," while "the Russian forces are there," and the Syrian government forces "have spread out on the border."
Last week, Russian forces took over the Kobane airfield in northern Syria, shortly after the US-led coalition forces completed their withdrawal from the Kobane region.