Dunkirk Flotilla Honours 75th Anniversary of Second World War Mission

Fleet of little ships arrives in french town after making 30-mile journey to commemorate Operation Dynamo in which hundreds of thousands of British, French and Belgian soldiers were rescued A fleet of little ships has arrived in Dunkirk after crossing the Channel to celebrate the 75th anniversary of one of the most famous missions of the second world war.The flotilla set sail in perfect conditions in Ramsgate, Kent, where they were cheered on by well-wishers who lined the harbour walls. The boats arrived in the French town at around 4pm, after spending six-and-a-half hours to make the 30-odd mile journey.
A piper played by the lighthouse as boats such as Aureol, L’Orage and Chumley – names that have gone down in history for the role they played in saving soldiers from the Dunkirk beaches in May 1940 – sailed out of the port.