В Германия подготвят футболно първенство с роботи през 2050 г.

The 'Robocup German Open' kicked off on Friday in Magdeburg. Teams from all over Germany as well as from abroad, compete in several challenges, ranging from football to rescue operations. There is a major league and the junior league. B-Human team member Thomas Roefer said the aim of the Robocup tournament is to defeat humans in football by 2050 with robots,”just as a computer beat the world chess champion in 1997. The robots playing football are divided in two leagues, the Standard Platform League (SPL) and the Humanoid child-size. In the SPL, all teams use the same hardware (NAO robot) but each team uses different software. The main difference between the SPL and the Humanoid child-sized robots is that the Humanoid robots are constructed solely by the teams competing. The B-Human team is the current German Champion and have been crowned World Champions four times already. The team is made up of students from the University of Bremen and employees of DFK International.