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Италия: Заподозрени контрабандисти бяха заловени на лодка с емигранти

41 18.08.2015 Инфо

Eight people were arrested as alleged "people smugglers" after a boat carrying refugees from Libya to Europe was intercepted by Italian authorities in the Mediterranean Sea, Saturday. 362 people were on board the refugee boat which was intercepted by Italian military Navy vessel OPV Cigala Fulgosi and transferred to the Norwegian patrol vessel Siem Pilot, before being taken to the port of Catania on Monday. Ayoub Harboob is suspected of being the Commander of the boat due to his role of "keeping order," while the other seven were involved with distributing water and provisions to the refugees or other roles, placing them as suspects involved in the process of illegally bringing refugees to Europe. The other seven men have been named as Jomaa Laamami, Mohamed Assayd, Ali Farah Ahmed, Saiid Mustapha, Isham Beddat, Abd Arahman Abdal Monssif and a minor named as "JM." All eight have been detained for the crime of aiding illegal immigration as well as for causing the death of refugees.