Crash Investigators Find Black Box From Derailed Amtrak Train

Investigators have located the “black box” of a train that derailed in north Philadelphia on Tuesday night, killing six, but are delaying a more thorough investigation into the cause of the crash while search and rescue personnel continue to pick their way through the mangled wreckage looking for more survivors and bodies.
In what National Transportation Safety Board board member Robert Sumwalt described on Wednesday morning as a “devastating scene”, rescue experts with trained dogs could be seen struggling to get inside train carriages to search for trapped passengers more than 12 hours after the accident occurred on a wide bend on Tuesday night.
The carriages at precarious angles, some with their wheels in the air and some badly mangled, partially crushed with their metal shredded and twisted.
The Amtrak service from Washington to New York City completely derailed shortly after 9pm on Tuesday with 238 passengers and five crew aboard.