USA: Hillary calls on Trump to reveal 'Russian business deals'

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton rallied with hundreds of her supporters in the Sanford Civic Centre in Sanford, Florida on Tuesday.
Clinton hit out at Republican presidential rival Donald Trump for not releasing his tax returns, saying "We've got someone running for president who has not only bullied people and made bigoted comments about everybody, but he is the only major party nominee for president in forty years who hasn't released his tax returns."
Clinton also said "and I think the American people deserve to know whether he paid any penalty for skirting the law. And how much he's actually worth. And who he does business with. I'm particularly interested in the Russian business deals that he has."
Shortly before concluding the rally, Clinton remarked "at the end of the day, Donald Trump is the poster boy for everything that's wrong with our economy."
The US 2016 General Election are scheduled to take place on November 8.