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United Nations: Obama delivers last speech at UN General Assembly

3 20.09.2016 Инфо

US President Barack Obama delivered his last speech before his term as President ends during the morning session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, Tuesday.
During his speech, Obama reflected that "alternative visions of the world have pressed forward", acknowledging the rise of "religious fundamentalism, the politics of ethnicity or tribe or sect, aggressive nationalism, a crude populism".
He went on to add that "the mindset of sectarianism and extremism and blood leading and retribution", has fuelled global discontent.
Obama said he believes that America has been a "rare superpower" in history, "willing to think beyond narrow self-interests", however admitted, "we have made our share of mistakes over the last 25 years."
The leader concluded his speech by calling for a "course correction" for globalisation, in order to ensure greater world integration.
The 71st annual UN General Assembly takes place in the UN's New York City headquarters between Tuesday 20 and Monday 26 September. During the General Assembly, attended by all 193 UN member states, decisions will be taken on issues including peace and security, humanitarian issues, and the organisation's budget for the following session.