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United Kingdom: Protests at French embassy decry destruction of Calais refugee camp

4 08.09.2016 Инфо

Scores of demonstrators rallied outside the French Embassy in London, Wednesday, to protest against the destruction of the Calais refugee camp and against plans to build a wall on the UK-French border at Calais.
Protesters chanted slogans including "Teresa May, hear us say, Let them in and let them stay," and held banners calling for solidarity. A concerned protester said "we shouldn't support barbed wire, we shouldn't support concentration camps. We should oppose this language, because that's how it starts, it's not how it ends."
On September 2, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve announced his intention to completely dismantle the Calais refugee camp. The United Kingdom announced on Wednesday that it will start construction on a concrete wall in Calais, to prevent migrants and refugees from entering the country.